#121: William Summers - Freedom of Information

By Jordan Michaelides
June 05, 2019


William Summers is an Independent Researcher, Journalist and Blogger who specialises in politics, public policy and Freedom of Information. He’s written for the likes of the ABC, Daily Telegraph and Crikey. 

William was the first person to uncover Barnaby Joyce’s dual citizenship, and kickstarted the Victorian Parliament expenses scandal in 2017.

Freedom of Information is a crucial component to Free Speech & the norms of our democracy. No matter your political persuasion, the general public should always encourage the work of people like William, particularly as Executive Branches of government increasing call for further benefits or power.

In this episode we covered:

  • The importance of a republic & Pro monarchy arguments

  • The ultimate political system

  • Australian vs UK politics

  • Freedom of Information & Free speech

  • Nepotism & corruption in Australian politics

  • The current state of media

Enjoy the episode!

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00:46 - Introduction

03:08 - Will the UK ever become a republic?

04:45 - The importance of a republic

06:10 - Pro monarchy arguments, Edward Bourke

08:58 - The ultimate political system

10:42 - The Swiss system

14:00 - Growing up, ideas on career

17:30 - Australia vs UK politics

27:55 - Sparking interest in politics

37:55 - Freedom of Information

50:45 - Nepotism & corruption in Aus politics

57:23 - Free speech vs harmful speech

01:07:57 - Current state of media

01:12:00 - Views on Brexit

01:18:43 - Daily routine

01:20:32 - A book he’d gift

01:22:24 - Best purchase under $200