Four things to cheer you up

By Jordan Michaelides
April 02, 2017

Dereksivers Cheerup


Changes are afoot in our content.

You’ll notice that the format of our Monday Morsels is different. After significant feedback from a variety of people, it seems that curated links across a multitude of topics is more valued. Furthermore, we’re overwhelmed with the abundance of amazing articles we’re coming across each week. This diffuses the frustration of not being able to include certain points. It will also allow us to get to work on some video essays we’ve been planning, keep your eyes peeled.

We’re also starting to receive and allow requests for guest posts. So if you feel that you could write an interesting piece on that’s around 500-800 words - email me personally ( [email protected] ). Remember that we typically focus on evergreen content that allows an individual to perform better in their work/sport/passion, we also cover enhancement topics too. We’ll have a feature page for this on the site soon.

What’s the benefit for you? Take your pick:

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On a side note, I’ve always wondered why Bruno Mars makes me want to dance. I think I’ve found the reason why.


🐀  “ Neural dust ” has been implanted in rats, according to the IEEE. This opens the door to electroceuticals, a new field coined by GlaxoSmithKline that is essentially neurostimulation . Whereby electrical stimulation is used to create a similar response that drugs do.

😄  Four things you can do to cheer up , according to the Big Think. Thanks Brain!

🤔 A brilliant interview by Rhonda Patrick with Roland Griffiths , Ph.D. Roland is one of the pioneering doctors investing the use of Psilocybin & Psychedelic Therapies in treating anxiety (particularly for cancer patients. We’ll be having a guest in a few weeks to discuss this topic, so make sure you check this video out. MUST WATCH.


🌲 Why do we lead with images of nature for our newsletter? This piece by the guardian explains why. In short, in makes you feel amazing - reducing anxiety, depression and obesity in a wide ranging study of European communities.

💉 Continuing our recent theme of CRISPR (probably the most mind-blowing arena of biotech right now), we have two great reads:

The Global Effects of CRISPR - raises some poignant issues that technology in general often creates. INTRIGUING

How to Invest in CRISPR - this reddit thread is by far and away the most succinct bit of information you’ll get. We’re looking at a video on this.


😎 Derek Sivers as ever offering some truth in life. Simple tilts or tweaks can go leaps & bounds towards improving your motivation.

Don’t always be focused on what’s above , look down to compare. A great way of diffusing the fixed mindset.

😂 Sam Harris and Jonathan Haidt on the Disturbing Trend of Vindictive Protectiveness . Oh how I am so glad that I’m not currently in the American college system right now.

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