How to help patients with Alzheimer’s & dementia

By Jordan Michaelides
May 15, 2017



A lack of sleep has always been a badge of honour in the corporate world. I can remember hundreds of conversations or brief comments between workmates including the words “I’m so tired”, and “I just want to go home and sleep”.  

I watched an extended interview with Arianna Huffington on the topic , but you may enjoy this condensed version. In essence, sleep correlates to success and there’s a collective delusion in our society on not getting enough sleep.


📕 Our language is changing

Did you know we used to have six more letters in the alphabet ? For those complaining about the language used in society today, note that words & letters disappear - because they become obsolete, like technology.

🎩 The Churchill Factor

No matter your politics, this book highlights the power of Churchill’s oratory & linguistic skills.
He illiterates the power of simplistic, emotional, story driven pieces. The use of tricolons, epigrams & chiasmus’ gave Churchill his unique voice. Worth the read for business people and history buffs alike.

💡 How to help patients with Alzheimer’s & dementia

My grandmother has dementia, an incredibly debilitating disease, which would be a horrible way to see out the last years of your life. For those with family members that have Alzheimer’s/dementia, there are ways that you can help them, including playing music they used to listen to.

Mental Models

🗺️ How to rationalise with conspiracy theorists

...or those unwilling to engage. Hint - talk it through with them.

💀 Busy? Lazy?

A fantastic way to put yourself to work, the death clock . Calculate when you’re statistically likely to die and that will have you waste less time.

😂 How to create a joke

The 11 key categories to crafting a well thought out piece of humour.

🏖️ What matters in life

Seneca’s On the Shortness of Life video essay. When you’re on your death bed, what would you ask yourself?


🕴️ Great, Good and Ordinary businesses

A powerful mental model for identifying stocks.  

🍫 The story of See’s Candy

A brilliant case study on the type of company Warren Buffett and other value investors will invest in.

📈 An exponential view

Each week, Azeem Azhar reviews what technology does, why it’s good or bad, plus key questions for the near & far future. Definitely worth the subscription for any corporate human wanting to know what’s taking place in the world.  

🖥️ Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World

Technology is the business world now, it often defines changes in product and industry. This documentary by Werner Herzog is a fascinating look into how interconnected our world is, through technology.

Happy reading,