Why losing a dog feels like losing a family member

By Jordan Michaelides
April 24, 2017


Image: Nautilus


Moodica is undoubtedly one of the most pleasing websites on the internet.

It’s a site that’s just full of long, intensely satisfying videos.

If you’re ever feeling moody, frustrated, stressed, or you’re in a creative funk. You can watch from multiple categories including Strangely Satisfying, Amazing Nature, Animals, Ambience (my favourite) and more to break those funks.  


🐶  Why Losing a Dog Feels Like Losing a Family Member

Dogs develop a unique bond with you through nonverbal communication. It’s thought that one of the reasons why palaeontologists believe Homo Sapiens and not Neanderthals survived is due to our relationship with dogs. Now that dogs are pets, and not working dogs, humans are becoming further attached due to both our species being genetically programmed to communicate and be social. FASCINATING WATCH

☁️ How to Lucid Dream

Recently at a dinner party, a friend had mentioned that they were fully aware of the fact that they were dreaming, as they dreamt. This is known as “lucid dreaming”, a still widely unknown area in the body of research around “consciousness” . I’ve been able to inadvertently induce this twice in my life, but I’m trying to find ways to do it regularly, particularly for working on long-term problems. This video is a good how-to (albeit a somewhat frustrating one).

👩‍🔬   Neuroengineering, the Future of Neuroscience

Discussions coming to the fore by those in the technical side of the industry that we’re at the dawn of the computer age for the brain.

Mental Models

😁 Da Vinci’s To-Do List is Cooler Than Yours

The one and only demagogue of all polymaths. This to-do list is a great way to make your life seem irrelevant.

❓ 17 Questions That Changed Tim Ferriss’ Life

No doubt, Tim Ferriss has single handedly had one of the greatest impacts on my life, when it comes to changing my mindset from being fixed to growing. This exhaustive list of 17 questions he’s always asking himself is a tool that I regularly try to use when stuck on a problem. MUST READ

📈 The Seeing Theory

Elon Musk & my brother taught me the importance of statistics & probability in all decision making. It helps you rationalise from fact, as opposed to opinion. The Seeing Theory is a project designed and created by Daniel Kunin with support from Brown University. The goal of the project is to make statistics more accessible through interactive visualisations.

🎥 Five Came Back

History is often quite telling when it comes to understanding the nature of people. This Netflix short doco series ( Five Came Back ) is remarkable in showing the changes that happened to a generation of directors who told the story of WWII. Why is this important? War often shows how irrelevant the minutiae of our lives are. REMARKABLE


🍳 #901 Dr Rhonda Patrick

Brilliant discussion between Dr Rhonda Patrick & Joe Rogan on his podcast, in which they covered heaps of topics include depression, fitness and health. Shownotes here.

💪 Innervation Works

We discussed how the mind can work to your advantage, and be developed with Eugene Teo in our podcast . This test discusses the Effects of Mental Imagery on Muscular Strength in Healthy and Patient Participants. Key points to take away from this research:

  1. Coupling mental imagery with physical training is the best suited intervention for improving strength performance

  2. The effectiveness of mental imagery on strength performance may vary depending on the appropriate matching of muscular groups, the characteristics of mental imagery interventions, training duration, and type of skills

  3. Self-efficacy, motivation, and imagery ability were the key indicators for performance (meditation will therefore help this)

  4. The greater effects of internal imagery vs external imagery could be explained in terms of neural adaptations, stronger brain activation, higher muscle excitation

  5. Mental imagery interventions may provide a valuable tool to improve the recovery after short-term muscle damage in patients

🌰 THE Keto Resource

Very useful guide for those wishing to investigate the ketogenic diet.

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